Friday, September 4, 2020

How to survive the State of Survival as F2P 1 - Why I haven't spent money on this game

This is gonna be a series of posts regarding my experience in the State of Survival game as a free-to-play (F2P) player, and an R4 in 2 alliances (simultaneously lol). These posts will include tips for those new to the game, but even experienced users may find some of it useful.

I will start the first post with an important disclaimer: This is a Pay to Win game. This means that no matter what strategies you implement, the one who wins ultimately is the one who spends the most cash. 

And in this game there are several reasons for why that is:
  • There are features of the game that can only be purchased with cash (such as some of the chief gear, badges, which make a world of difference in the fighting aspect)
  • Even if you're in a brand new state, and everything is fresh, and you're in a good active alliance, and you're playing all day long etc, the P2P (pay to play) players will be stronger a lot faster than F2P players.
  • Due to the last point above:
    • high level  / stronger players will keep attacking the low level players (the beginners, those just started, or F2P) for resources and events (such as the Kill event). Depending on the state rules, they might even zero you. That means, at the end of the attacks, you have zero resources, zero troops, great reduction in battle power. That means you get weaker the more you get attacked, and it also causes gigantic delay in your progress as it's almost like starting over.
    • The most powerful players are the ones who have to rally the traps, rally or solo the bunkers etc due to larger rally capacity + more powerful heros, chief gear etc. That means more rewards for them. The same goes for dealing damage = more points in events like Capital Clash. So in short: the more powerful you are, the more rewards you get.
Other things that make it harder for you to enjoy the game:
    • There's a lot of politics involved in the game. On a "good" state (meaning if the rich aren't bullies) then there's probably a rotation to bunkers, capital clash etc. The most powerful alliances get most of the bunkers, facilities, analysis centers, a seat as governor etc. There are also spies involved. Usually the top 3 decide the game, and the rest are at their mercy.
    • Depending on the state / alliance, there are rules to be followed and can get overwhelming for some.
    • A lot of events that provide crucial material as rewards and are highly needed for your progress and strength in the game, are on specific times you have to attend. If you can't make it, you're missing out, and if you're trying to make the best of it, you'll find that it takes a lot out of your life, as some go for 2 hours (Horde, Reservoir Raid) or 24 hours (Capital Clash, State vs State).
    • If you're an R4 / R5, expect this game to feel more like work, than play.
    • If you think you can afford to spend some money on this game, bear in mind that a common monthly expense to this game is 10-15k... that's in euros... monthly! I've seen members spending enough money on this game to buy a luxury car, and guess what? At some point a lot of states die (whether from too many inactives, bullies running the state etc) and going to a new state requires... to START OVER! HQ level 1, with all the tutorials that came with it! So all that money, counts only for the state you wasted them in. 
    • Inactive members who no longer wish to play the game, don't have the option to demolish their settlement (more on that and what can be done on a separate post).
If you've read this far, and you STILL want to play this game lol, then stay tuned for my upcoming posts.

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for verifying the information as being appropriate for your personal use.

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