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How to enable the Website Translator in Safari - Big Sur

If you upgraded to Big Sur, but you can't find the Website Translator button in Safari, do this to make it appear. Open System Preference s. Open the Language & Region preference pane. In the General tab, make sure you have the language you want translated to, in the Preferred Languages (for instance if you want the languages to be translated to English, you select English). Also in the General tab, you may or may not need to change the Region to where your preferred language is (for instance if you want to translate websites to English, select US or UK). In the Apps tab, click the + button to add Safari and select the preferred language for translation. Click OK. Click the button to Relaunch Safari for the changes to take place. Now the button will appear at the right side of the address bar. Click it to select the language and the Enable Translation button. You may now reverse the settings back if you want to, but keep the Preferred Languages to the desired language