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Have your Android phone automatically switch to the highest range WiFi network.

Here's the problem that I had with my Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone. Our WiFi router is in the living room, but we also needed a repeater for the other side of the apartment (the bedrooms). Whenever I would go back and forth around the apartment, I would have to manually switch WiFi networks (between the repeater and the router) to get the Internet to work on my phone, as the signal wouldn't drop completely, but it wouldn't quite work when browsing the net, reading emails etc. So I created a Bixby routine to have Android automatically switch to the network with the highest range at any location around the apartment. Here's how to do it. Steps Open Bixby Routines app. Tap on Add Routine . On If , tap the + button. Scroll to find and tap on Wi-Fi Strength . Select 2 bars or less and tap on Done . On Then , tap the + button. Tap on Connections and then Wi-Fi . Select Off and tap on Done . On When routine ends , make sure you have enable the Reverse actions so it sets t