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Colourful folders in macOS Monterey

In this very simple and easy tutorial, here’s how to have colourful folders in macOS Monterey. Steps Right-click on the folder that you want to change the colour for, and click on Get Info . Click to select the blue folder icon on the top left of the Get Info window. Simultaneously press the Command and C buttons on your keyboard to copy the icon. From Spotlight Search, type Preview and press Enter. Open the File menu and click on New from Clipboard . The blue folder icon is now transferred to Preview for modification. Open the Markup Toolbar and click on the Adjust Colour icon. Move the sliders in Saturation, Temperature, Tint and Sepia to change the colour as desired. Once the color has changed to the one you want, select the folder icon with the new colour from the left side of the Preview window, and press Command and C to copy. Go back to the Get Info window of the folder, select the folder icon from the top left and press Command and V to paste the new coloured folder

How to block ads on Android apps and games for free

As you will see in the video, some apps or games have a fee for not showing ads on their apps, but even after paying you still get bombarded with unskippable ads every few seconds. Some of those ads will even force-install the apps they advertise, redirect you to Play Store or a website when you try to close them, not have an option to close them at all (and have to force-close the app) or even freeze your entire phone. In this article (and video) we demonstrate a free tool (Android app) on how to get rid of these interruptions so you can have a more pleasant experience in the apps. Disclaimer: I recommend using this tool if you’ve already supported the developers of an app or game but you’re still seeing ads. This tool is great for highly intrusive pop up ads that cause instability in the app or phone, or if you have privacy concerns Some developers only use ads as their revenue, so they can keep providing a fully featured app for free, so please use this sparingly on select apps. Mak