Why is the Comment section disabled on YouTube and blog


I'm Sophie, the owner and content writer / creator of the Traveler Techie blog and YouTube channel, as well of the ZenGainz blog and YouTube channel.

Even though I've kept the comment section on over the years to answer any questions the viewers may have on the tutorials, I've decided to close it on both Traveler Techie and ZenGainz.

As a special needs mom with lots of responsibilities, I don't have the time nor energy to go through all the comments. I also no longer like to wake up to lots of comments that are:

  • Spam
  • Trolling
  • Complaints about the background music choices on the videos (if it's upbeat, people have issues. If it's relaxing, people have issues. If I remove the audio completely, people have issues on why the video is silent).
  • Complaints on how my voice or accent sounds like or why I don't use my voice nor show myself on camera (I'm an antisocial introvert, and I like getting straight to the point with a screen recording of the tutorial, plus a screaming autistic child in the household does not always allow for a quiet voice recording).
  • Even though some of you may thank me for providing a solution or workaround to your tech issues, there are a few who will leave other types of comments, such as this one: This video was so useless, you should do the world a favour and just throw yourself on a track with an incoming train.
  • Inappropriate language (despite enabling YouTube's profanity filters)
I want to stay focused in raising my children, and putting out useful content, to both help in solving tech issues as well as providing free treatment solutions to chronic diseases and obesity through my health channel (ZenGainz).

I no longer use social media anymore either, and no, I don't make enough from these channels to pay for social media managers.

If you need to contact me for something important, please do so through the contact form located at the bottom of the right sidebar.

Thank you for your understanding.

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