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Workarounds: Windows Update KB4535996 boot issues and crashes

Like a lot of folks, I too was plagued with serious issues on my Lenovo Legion Y540 laptop with the recent windows updates. Namely: High CPU usage and overheating Random crashes Sleep and boot issues (black screen) Windows Search function not working/loading Stuttering / slow system usage I've recently did a Disk Cleanup too, so I couldn't revert back to an older Windows version (nor am I inclined to go that route often either). If you can, you should uninstall the update and block it through the Windows Update Troubleshooter. There was a KB4540673 update last night, but that's just security updates, didn't fix my issues. After going through the Event Viewer and the Task Manager to figure out what the problem was, here are the fixes that worked for me. Please do note that the problems you have may be different, and these fixes may not work for you. The Event Viewer can be helpful in diagnosing the problem. Uninstall Xbox Even though my Legion is used fo