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Free Feedburner Alternative for Email Newsletters Service in Blogger

With Google setting Feedburner for Blogger on Maintenance Mode, including disabling features like Email Subscriptions for new blog articles we post, it was time I find an alternative. is the one I'm using now and it's free. This service can also be used if you're a WordPress blogger. Here's how to enable the service in your Blogger website / blog: Find the link of your blog's RSS feed. You can do so by going to your blog's main page on your browser, and right-click to View Page Source . Use Ctrl+F or Command+F to bring up the Find bar and type RSS . Your RSS link should look something like this: Follow the intro on to add your RSS link in the Add the follow feature to your site section. Create the Subscription form and copy-paste the code on either a new Page on your blog, or on a new HTML/Javascript side widget. Enter your email address to receive the claiming instructi