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What they don't tell you about blogging (and wish I knew when I started)

I have 2 monetized blogs, and 2 YouTube channels that go with them, one of them monetized (the other channel is fairly recent and on its way too). Both are very different niches. I've come to learn quite a lot about blogging over the years, including from my mistakes. Here's what I've learned and why blogging is better than making videos on YouTube: If you want views and subscribers on your YouTube channel, start a blog TravelerTechie and ZenGainz have very different content, and there's already tons of competition in both niches. But as I watch them both grow, through Analytics and otherwise, I've come to notice that blogging will get you more traffic faster than a YouTube channel. Maybe because when someone needs a solution to their problem, they first search on than on Google search indexing is also obviously better when there's a full text article of keywords. Most of the times the ratio of views between the blog article and the YouT

Colourful folders in macOS Monterey

In this very simple and easy tutorial, here’s how to have colourful folders in macOS Monterey. Steps Right-click on the folder that you want to change the colour for, and click on Get Info . Click to select the blue folder icon on the top left of the Get Info window. Simultaneously press the Command and C buttons on your keyboard to copy the icon. From Spotlight Search, type Preview and press Enter. Open the File menu and click on New from Clipboard . The blue folder icon is now transferred to Preview for modification. Open the Markup Toolbar and click on the Adjust Colour icon. Move the sliders in Saturation, Temperature, Tint and Sepia to change the colour as desired. Once the color has changed to the one you want, select the folder icon with the new colour from the left side of the Preview window, and press Command and C to copy. Go back to the Get Info window of the folder, select the folder icon from the top left and press Command and V to paste the new coloured folder

How to block ads on Android apps and games for free

As you will see in the video, some apps or games have a fee for not showing ads on their apps, but even after paying you still get bombarded with unskippable ads every few seconds. Some of those ads will even force-install the apps they advertise, redirect you to Play Store or a website when you try to close them, not have an option to close them at all (and have to force-close the app) or even freeze your entire phone. In this article (and video) we demonstrate a free tool (Android app) on how to get rid of these interruptions so you can have a more pleasant experience in the apps. Disclaimer: I recommend using this tool if you’ve already supported the developers of an app or game but you’re still seeing ads. This tool is great for highly intrusive pop up ads that cause instability in the app or phone, or if you have privacy concerns Some developers only use ads as their revenue, so they can keep providing a fully featured app for free, so please use this sparingly on select apps. Mak

Have your Android phone automatically switch to the highest range WiFi network.

Here's the problem that I had with my Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone. Our WiFi router is in the living room, but we also needed a repeater for the other side of the apartment (the bedrooms). Whenever I would go back and forth around the apartment, I would have to manually switch WiFi networks (between the repeater and the router) to get the Internet to work on my phone, as the signal wouldn't drop completely, but it wouldn't quite work when browsing the net, reading emails etc. So I created a Bixby routine to have Android automatically switch to the network with the highest range at any location around the apartment. Here's how to do it. Steps Open Bixby Routines app. Tap on Add Routine . On If , tap the + button. Scroll to find and tap on Wi-Fi Strength . Select 2 bars or less and tap on Done . On Then , tap the + button. Tap on Connections and then Wi-Fi . Select Off and tap on Done . On When routine ends , make sure you have enable the Reverse actions so it sets t

Replace Bixby key with Google Assistant

  Use this easy tweak to make Google Assistant pop up when single-pressing the Bixby key on your Samsung Galaxy device, instead of Bixby. No 3rd-party app needed. Make sure you installed Google Assistant app from Google Play Store. Go to Settings , Advanced Features . Go to Bixby Key . Select Double press to open Bixby , and enable Use single press . At Single Press screen, switch it to On , and select Run quick command . Tap on Go to quick commands link, and tap the + button on the top right corner to create one. On What you say to Bixby, type google . On What Bixby does, type launch assistant . Back to the Run Quick Command screen, select your newly created google quick command. Now when you single-press the Bixby button, it will open up Google Assistant. Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for verifying the information as being appropriate for your personal use.

Fingerprint Sensor Icon on Always On Display

  In Samsung Galaxy devices with a fingerprint sensor, you can have the fingerprint icon always visible when the screen is off through the Always On Display. An alternative is to tap on the screen while it's off to make the icon appear.  To enable either of those options: Tap into Settings . Tap Biometrics and Security . Tap on Fingerprints (type your pin code to access). Under Show icon when screen is off , select Tap to show if you don't have the AOD enabled, or select On Always On Display to have it visible at all times. You can also keep the icon off but keep the fingerprint functionality on at all times, even when the screen is off. On the same Fingerprints screen, enable Fingerprint Always On . Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for verifying the information as being appropriate for your personal use.

How to add a shortcut of a Split Screen App Combo in Edge Panel

  In Samsung Galaxy devices, along with the Split Screen functionality, where you can have 2 apps visible on your screen simultaneously, you can also have an icon shortcut of that combination of the 2 apps in Edge panel. Therefore, whenever you want to open those 2 apps in Split Screen mode again, all you have to do is slide to open Edge panel, and tap on the corresponding icon. Open your 2 apps and tap the 3 lines icon of the Navigation bar to open the Recent Apps screen. On the icon of your desired app, tap and hold to bring up the menu. Tap on Open in split-screen view . Select your second app. On the middle in between those 2 apps, tap on the second icon with the + sign, to add the shortcut to the Edge panel. Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for verifying the information as being appropriate for your personal use.

Free Feedburner Alternative for Email Newsletters Service in Blogger

With Google setting Feedburner for Blogger on Maintenance Mode, including disabling features like Email Subscriptions for new blog articles we post, it was time I find an alternative. is the one I'm using now and it's free. This service can also be used if you're a WordPress blogger. Here's how to enable the service in your Blogger website / blog: Find the link of your blog's RSS feed. You can do so by going to your blog's main page on your browser, and right-click to View Page Source . Use Ctrl+F or Command+F to bring up the Find bar and type RSS . Your RSS link should look something like this: Follow the intro on to add your RSS link in the Add the follow feature to your site section. Create the Subscription form and copy-paste the code on either a new Page on your blog, or on a new HTML/Javascript side widget. Enter your email address to receive the claiming instructi