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What's new in iOS 11.4 - AirPlay 2, HomePod stereo pair, iCloud Messages and more

Everything you should know about the new 11.4 release of iOS for iPhone and iPad.

How to protect your computer from the WannaMine malware

After the WannaCry ransomware, now we have the WannaMine malware. WannaMine is a fileless malware that infects Windows-based computers with the purpose of using the computer’s resources, such as CPU and RAM to mine a cryptocurrency called Moreno. Any coins mined will be transferred to the developers of this malware. It uses the same exploit developed by NSA, called EternalBlue that was used for the WannaCry ransomware. Panda Security was the first to discover this malware several months ago. Both Sophos and Panda claim to protect against this malware, but you need to also ensure you're taking the necessary steps to protect your computer against this attack.

10+ ways to improve battery life on iPhone X

If you have a battery drain issue in your iPhone X or earlier versions of iPhone, then these tweaks can help make your battery last longer during the day.

Apps not opening or stuck on Splash Screen - Windows 10

Occasionally some Windows Updates can cause the programs to freeze upon opening. As you can see in the picture below, they can crash on the splash screen. Sometimes closing them and opening them again is a good workaround, but a more permanent solution to prevent this problem from happening again, is to run a PowerShell command to re-register your apps.

How to show or hide known file extensions in Windows 10

There are times we might need to see what file type our files are. Revealing their extension (the 3 letters after the dot ".") can help us see what kind of file our video is for instance, or even changing the extension by renaming it. In this video, we dig into Folder Options to see how we can reveal or hide the file type extensions, in Windows 10.

How to skip the Recycle Bin when deleting files

When you delete a file, whether you right-click on the file and hit the Delete command or whether you press the Del button on your keyboard, the deleted file gets transferred in your Recycle Bin. Then from there you have to open the Recycle Bin and click on the Empty Recycle Bin in order to permanently delete the file, and free space on your hard drive. This is done in cases of accidental deletions, and gives you the option to restore the file. In this tutorial, you will learn how to bypass the Recycle Bin so that the file gets deleted permanently from the first command.

Driving in Lleida and Leon Spain

A drive inside the cities of Lleida and León in Spain. Then driving from Spain to Portugal (Porto).

A drive through Genoa Italy, Barcelona Spain and a ferry ride

A drive through Genoa, Italy and then at the port of Savona, Italy to board the Cruise Smeralda from Grimaldi Lines that takes us to Barcelona, Spain. Footage of Genoa city, the ferry ride and Barcelona city.

Swiss Alps Part 2

A drive from Switzerland to Italy, with Swiss Alps as the view. Includes the Gotthard Tunnel and entering Italy.

Swiss Alps part 1

A drive from Switzerland to Italy, with Swiss Alps as the view.

Basel and Zürich, Switzerland drive

A drive inside Basel and Zürich cities, and then a drive from Zürich to Italy (Swiss Alps on the way).

Basel Switzerland

Road trip from Germany to Switzerland by car. Driving through the Basel city.

Frankfurt, St Goar and Rhine River, Germany

Driving in Frankfurt, Sankt Goarshausen, and the Rhine River in Germany.

St Goar and Koblenz Germany drive

A drive in and around Sankt Goarshausen, Lorelei, where the romantic Rhine river is located and a drive around the city of Koblenz in Germany.

A drive through Itteville and Paris in France

Watch this video as we drive inside Itteville and Paris in France, and take a ferry ride in the Seine river. We then drive from France to Luxembourg to get to Schengen.

Driving through the city of León Spain

Watch this video as we drive from Porto, Portugal to León, Spain, and on the way to France. On the way we see some Spanish mountains covered in snow and inside the city of León.

How to make a Favicon

 In this video, we show how you can make a simple favicon to use in your website through the built-in Windows 10 app, Paint 3D. This is a free and easy way that takes just under 3 minutes. Enjoy!