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What's new in iOS 11.4 - AirPlay 2, HomePod stereo pair, iCloud Messages and more

Everything you should know about the new 11.4 release of iOS for iPhone and iPad.

iCloud Messages

  • The black dot of death in Messages is now fixed and iMessages will no longer crash when opening messages with that character.
  • You can now store your messages, photos and other attachments in iCloud to free up storage on your phone
  • Your messages will now appear when you sign in to a new device with the same iMessage account
  • Deleted messages and conversations will be instantly removed as well from all your devices
  • Your conversations will continue to be end-to-end encrypted
  • To enable iCloud Messages, enable Messages from Settings, tap on your iCloud name and then tap on iCloud.

AirPlay 2

  • Now you can control your home audio system and AirPlay 2-enabled speakers throughout your house, through the Control Center, Lock Screen, AirPlay controls within apps or voice-controlled commands with Siri in your iPhone or iPad
  • You can play music at the same time all in sync on multiple AirPlay 2-enabled speakers in your house
  • Taking a call or playing a game will not interrupt music playback on your AirPlay 2-enabled speakers

HomePod and Stereo Pairing

  • You can set up your HomePod stereo pair using your iPhone or iPad, and if Auto Updates are enabled in the Home app, HomePod will automatically update to support stereo pairs
  • HomePod pair automatically senses its location in the room and balances the sound based on the speakers’ locations.
  • Advanced beamforming provides wider soundstages, than just traditional stereo pairing.

Other fixes and features

  • Teachers can now assign their students reading activities in iBooks through the Schoolwork app
  • The issue where certain character sequences could cause iMessage to crash is now fixed
  • The issue where some messages appeared out of order, is now fixed
  • Data syncing and app data access issues in Health are now fixed
  • Apps appearing in incorrect location on the Home screen issue is now fixed
  • Distorted CarPlay audio is now fixed
  • Issue where selecting music from your iPhone could fail when playing music over Bluetooth or when connected to USB on some vehicles is now fixed.

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for verifying the information as being appropriate for your personal use.

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