Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How to create a Windows 10 virtual machine in Hyper V Manager

In this quick and easy tutorial, you will learn how to create a virtual machine in Hyper V with Windows 10.

Make sure the Hyper V Manager is installed in your computer. Instructions for that are on this video.
Instructions on how to make a bootable ISO with a Windows 10 installation here.

  1. Type Hyper V in the Windows Search bar, and click on the Hyper V Manager to open it.
  2. From the top right list of commands, click on Quick Create.
  3. Click the Local installation source button.
  4. Click the Change installation source button. Navigate to the location of the Windows 10 installation ISO file or DVD disc. Select it and click the Open button.
  5. Expand the More options so you can rename your virtual machine.
  6. Click the Create Virtual Machine button.
  7. You can click the Edit Settings to change any settings, or click on Connect, and then Start to start the Windows 10 installation process on the virtual machine.
  8. You newly created Windows 10 virtual machine is located in the Virtual Machines list in Hyper V Manager. Just double click it whenever you want to start it.

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