Friday, July 20, 2018

How to play Dominations on a Windows computer or a Mac

Get Dominations on your Windows machine or Mac for free, with an Android app player or emulator, called Bluestacks. Use this link to get the Dominations game and follow the instructions below. For this to work, you need to have a Google (gmail) account. You also need to have the Hyper-V feature disabled if on a Windows computer.

  1. On your web browser, navigate to this link:
  2. Click the Download button. Open the Bluestacks Installer executable file when it's done and click Install now. The Install now button might take some time to show up as the installer files need a bit of time to be extracted.
  3. Click on Complete button to auto-start the Bluestacks App Player. You will also see the software's icon on the  Desktop. The first run of the app might take a couple of minutes depending on your hardware specifications.
  4. An Improve Location Accuracy? pop-up is shown, click on Agree.
  5. Choose your preferred language and click on Let's Go.
  6. Put your Gmail address and password and press Enter.
  7. The Dominations game should show up automatically. If not, click on the Search bar and type Dominations. Click Install and then click Open when it's done.
  8. The Bluestacks App Player will automatically create a shortcut of Dominations to your Desktop, so you can run it directly from there. You can also find it in Bluestacks, in the My apps tab. On the App Center you can find more apps and games to download if you desire.
  9. Setup the game as normal, by adding your Gmail account to save and sync your game data. If you were playing the game from iOS, follow the instructions in the Link Devices section of the game Settings, or contact the support of Dominations to sync your game.

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