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5 Reasons to Buy an iPhone XS (or any iPhone)

Here are 5 reasons why you should switch from Android to an iOS device.

1 - A Clean and Ease-of-Use Experience

iPhones come with less bloatware than a lot of Android phones. And the operating system itself is so easy to use, there are no big learning curves. The iOS updates are also consistent, in a way that you won't find yourself lost whenever a big software update comes, or if you upgrade to a newer iOS device. By keeping the interface simple to use, you get to be more productive, and have a lot less hassle than tweaking an Android device.

2 - Security and Privacy

Malware, adware and all the other nasty viruses can be found almost everywhere. But with an iOS device, you don't really need an antivirus or antimalware app. Android devices are more vulnerable when it comes to viruses and hacks. With an iOS device, you also have a peace of mind when it comes to your data and overall privacy. iOS devices in general don't need a software reset or format often (if at all), as you can expect the device to work as good long term as the day you bought it. They also come with highly advanced Face Recognition or Finger Print unlocking features.

3 - Apple Ecosystem

Having other Apple devices, such as a Macbook Pro, an iMac or an iPad, makes using technology as easy as possible. The macOS and iOS are so similar, you won't feel the difference in the interface, while you seamlessly continue your work from your iPhone to your laptop, thanks to the HandOff and Continuity features in maOS Mojave. The syncing of your files across all your devices is also stress-free.

4 - Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the most secure and easiest ways for online and offline payments. It is used almost everywhere you go, so you can just pay with your phone.

5 - Durability and your Money's Worth

While a lot of Android devices are more affordable than an iPhone, not many of them can stand the test of time. iPhones can handle drops, water, and will last you for a good number of years. Apple also ensures that even the oldest of its devices get the latest operating system updates, and those updates always come with performance improvements. Both hardware and software-wise, you shouldn't expect a lot of issues, but in the rare occasion that you do, you have a great customer service. Another thing to note is that you can also expect a high resale value for when its time to upgrade to a newer device. Due to the durability of the phone, you won't have trouble reselling it with a good price.

iPhone XS on Amazon:

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