Monday, October 1, 2018

How to Enable the IGFX for macOS Mojave in Hackintosh

If your IGFX is Metal Supported (HD 4000 and up) you can enjoy the simplicity of enabling it in macOS Mojave without the need to remove the NVIDIA card from the motherboard. This applies mostly to Hackintoshes. Tried in Intel HD 630. Always backup your system before doing anything like this.

  1. Press Del or F12 to boot to BIOS upon startup. 
  2. Navigate to Peripherals.
  3. At Initial Display Output, change to IGFX.
  4. Navigate to Chipset.
  5. At Internal Graphics, set it to Auto.
  6. Save and reboot. Turn off your computer, and disconnect the HDMI or DisplayPort cable from the Nvidia card and connect it to the motherboard instead.
  7. Turn on your computer and boot to macOS.
  8. Now it should work as expected, alongside the Nvidia drivers (without acceleration) as well.
If it doesn't work check the below:
  • Is your IGPU Metal Supported? It should be HD4000 and up. Old IGPUs like HD3000 will not work out of the box.
  • Do you need WhateverGreen + Lilu or Emulated VRAM to make it work? It's yes to all 3 for my motherboard, so check those kexts before continuing.
  • Are you using the latest Clover Configurator?
Feel free to leave any comments below about your experience.

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