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Switching from Nvidia to AMD GPU for Hackintosh Mojave

Join me while I swap my NVIDIA EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 ti 4GB for the Gigabyte AORUS Radeon RX580 8GB GPU. Watch while I edit a 4K Drone footage with color grading in Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 CC with the new card, in my MacOS Mojave Hackintosh.

  1. In the BIOS, navigate to Peripherals tab.
  2. At Initial Display Output, leave it to IGFX.
  3. Navigate to the Chipset tab. At Internal Graphics, set it to Enabled.
  4. Reboot until macOS successfully boots with your IGFX and then turn off your computer.
  5. Disconnect the power cable and the HDMI or DisplayPort cable before continuing.
  6. Remove the 2 screws for your previous card if you had one. 
  7. At the PCIe x16 slot, press the bracket to release the card, before attempting to remove it from the motherboard.
  8. Connect a 6+2 pin or 8-pin power cable to the VGA1 position on your PSU. Connect the other end to the RX580.
  9. Insert the card to the PCIe x16 slot until it "clicks" in place and place the 2 screws back.
  10. Connect back the power cable and the HDMI or DisplayPort cable. You can connect it straight to the RX580 to see if it works right of the box without issues (after you change it in the BIOS as your Initial Display Output to PCIe 1 Slot), or if it boots in macOS in black screen, connect the monitor cable back to the motherboard to install the WhateverGreen.kext.
  11. Go to this website to download the latest release of WhateverGreen.kext. Make sure you download the latest file.
  12. Unzip it and open the folder. From Spotlight or Finder, navigate to /Library/Extensions folder.
  13. Copy and paste the WhateverGreen.kext that you downloaded to this folder. Enter your password.
  14. Restart your computer and boot into BIOS. Navigate to Peripherals again.
  15. At Initial Display Output, now select PCIe 1 Slot. Save and reboot. 
  16. Turn off the computer and change the DisplayPort or HDMI cable from the motherboard to the dedicated GPU.
  17. Turn on your computer. Now you should have both the IGPU and dedicated GPU working side by side, with the RX580 as the main GPU.
All credits go to the community.

The card on Amazon:

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