Monday, February 11, 2019

EuroAirport (Basel, Mulhouse, Freiburg) - Landing, Duty Free area and History

Some history and footage of the EuroAirport that connects 3 countries. Flight taken with EasyJet from Porto, Portugal.

EuroAirport is one of the few airports that is jointly operated by 2 countries, France and Switzerland.

The airport is located on French soil, but it has a Swiss customs area connected to Basel. EuroAiport is operated via a state treaty established in 1946 wherein the 2 countries, Switzerland and France, are granted access to the airport without any customs or other border restrictions.

The airport's board has 8 members from France, 8 members from Switzerland, and 2 advisors from Germany.

Though the whole airport is on French soil and under French jurisdiction, the Swiss authorities have the authority to apply Swiss laws regarding customs, medical services and police work in the Swiss section, including the customs road connecting Basel with the airport. However, French police are allowed to execute random checks in the Swiss section as well.

With Switzerland joining the Schengen treaty in March 2009, the air side was rearranged to include a Schengen and non-Schengen zone.

As border control is staffed by both Swiss and French border officers, passengers departing to or arriving from non-Schengen countries may receive either a Swiss or French passport stamp, depending on which officer they happen to approach.

You can cross the border between France and Switzerland inside the airport terminal.

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