Thursday, February 21, 2019

How to rebuild cache and repair permissions of kexts in a Hackintosh

After installing 3rd-party kexts in /Library/Extensions, or replacing vanilla kexts with patched kexts in System/Library/Extensions, you may want to repair their permissions and rebuild the kext cache to ensure they work as intented. Here's how.

Repair permissions in /S/L/E (System/Library/Extensions) and /L/E (Library/Extensions) folders

Type each of the following commands (separately) in Terminal:
  • sudo chmod -Rf 755 /S*/L*/E*
  • sudo chmod -Rf 755 /L*/E*
  • sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /S*/L*/E*
  • sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /L*/E*


Rebuild Kext Cache

Type the following command in the Terminal:
  • sudo kextcache -i /
Restart your computer for the repairs to take effect.

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