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Free Notion template: Master Task Database with Gamification

This is an organised master task database with some gamification for Notion. Designed for work, studies, and optimised for performance.

Click here to go to the template.

To duplicate the template to your Notion workspace, click on Duplicate on the upper right corner of the page.

Navigation Bar

Here on top you can have your links to other pages or databases, such as a journal, ideas, CRM database, a reading list etc.

The Database

Entries are in the Missions database. There are 3 filtered views of this database: Active, Inbox and Accomplished. Active are the ones you’re doing now, Inbox for later (or for ideas or as a wishlist). Accomplished are where the tasks automatically go when they’re ticked as completed. You can drag the tasks from one filtered view to another (moving one task from Inbox to Active to change its status).

Task Templates

There are pre-created templates (which you can modify, add or delete) for the type of task you’re having, such as checklists for video editing and publishing, templates for blog article writing, simple workout log, etc. The templates automatically connect to the right Focus property for points in the gamification database (more on that in a second).
workout log template
article writing template

Video editing and publishing template


You can have different views with filters based on the type of tasks. Tasks are categorised with tags based on their type / focus.

You can also add a deadline/due date and reminders. If it’s in the current week, it will display as the weekday (Monday, Tuesday, or Due Today etc).

Notion is generally poor in performance, so to avoid lag, use a new template/database for each year and avoid adding a lot of tasks or habit tracking like “drink water”. This template works best for work, studies and health, so only add important tasks and leave the habit tracking for a more suitable app (more on that soon in a future post).

The pre-created task templates will automatically select the appropriate Focus for the gamification log, but if you’re making a new template or choose not to use any template, make sure you select the Focus for the points to work.


You get 1 point for each completed task, which is connected via the Focus property. You may also add more areas if you’d like (social skills etc) through the New button on the Levels section (the Points database).

After every few points gathered, you will see a different quote that empowers you to do more (some are taken from games, series, movies). You can change the quotes and add more levels if you like by modifying the Level formula in the Points database.

Some aspects of this template inspired by Red Gregory and Thomas Frank.

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for verifying the information as being appropriate for your personal use.

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