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Moving all of my content here

At 35 years old and with 2 kids with special needs, I decided to learn how to code and get a degree for it too. I've been in the IT as a computer technician for many years, then when my kids were born I decided to take a REALLY long break to raise them. 

As they're growing a little older, I find myself wanting to get back to work, but also try a different direction (and with something I wanted to do since I was a teenager, but didn't have the opportunity to do so at the time): programming.

I do NOT possess a high school diploma, so I need to start obtaining that first, but I also currently need to take 2 months of intensive language courses to complete the requirements for obtaining citizenship in the current European country I'm in (if my blog's name didn't give it away, we travel a lot). 

With that in mind, I decided to do away with having multiple, single-niche blogs and just have one, multi-niche blog (and no, I don't care what happens to the revenue and traffic). I will be (slowly) moving my health-related articles here in Traveler Techie, and I will also try to include my journey in obtaining a degree (and then a job) as a software developer and what I've learned along the way.

I've also decided to stop making YouTube videos and will probably have no time for comment moderation either.

These changes are so that I have plenty of time (and focus) on my studies while still being an autism mom. I apologize if you've preferred a single-niche blog (or in the case of Traveler Techie at its current state, a dual-nice blog), but this is what I want for now.

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