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How to mass delete completed tasks in Workflowy

There are 2 ways you can mass delete bullets and completed tasks in Workflowy.

The keyboard shortcut 

  1. Drag the mouse in an empty space to mass-select the bullets you want to delete
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Backspace simultaneously to delete.
This works great if you are on the desktop/laptop and if the completed tasks are in consecutive lines.

But I use Workflowy heavily on my Samsung tablet as well (I love handwriting everything and Workflowy works amazingly well with the S-pen), and very rarely I complete tasks in order of appearance.

The Completed subpage

Something I used to do in Notion for simple checklists and have transferred in Workflowy, is have a subpage in my "todo" list and after checking off a task, drag it in that subpage. 

To do this in Workflowy:
  1. Create a bullet underneath your last item in your todo list. I've named it "completed tasks".
  2. On its left side click the 3 dots, or type the slash ( / ) to bring up the commands.
  3. Select the Paragraph option. This will separate it from your list. 
  4. As you complete tasks, drag them to this bullet and keep it folded.
  5. You can also do this with tasks anywhere in your Workflowy, not just in the current document. Just click the 3 dots next to it or use the slash command, select Move to and type "completed" to find and select the "completed tasks" document.
At the end of each month, I open the "completed tasks" subpage, have a quick glance of how much stuff I got done the past 30 days (I like reviewing the past), then delete the completed tasks subpage. Make a new subpage for the new month, repeat.

I know you can hide the completed tasks, but this can be useful for 2 reasons.
One is if you're using the free version and you're limited in bullets. I pay the yearly subscription so I know this doesn't apply to me, so the second reason for doing this is to keep things tidy and running smoothly. There's no need to have your system overloaded with a year's worth of completed tasks that are no longer relevant. It'll keep your exports and backups a lot cleaner too.

You could also delete the tasks one by one as you complete them, but I found dragging them to the completed tasks subpage a much faster way. And as I've mentioned, I like having a review at the end of the month before permanently deleting (through Workflowy's Trash page) the tasks.

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for verifying the information as being appropriate for your personal use.

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