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How to enable text suggestions while typing in Windows 10

In this tutorial, learn how to enable text and emoji suggestions while you're typing in Windows 10. On the Windows Search bar, type Settings and press Enter. Click on Devices . Click on Typing from the list on the left. Scroll down to the Hardware Keyboard section. Enable Show text suggestions as I type . Scroll down to Multilingual text suggestions and enable the option to show suggestions based on the recognized language you're typing in. Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for verifying the information as being appropriate for your personal use.

Dark Mode in iOS and iPadOS 13.1

Apple has finally introduced Dark Mode for iPhones and iPads. Aspects of the operating system, such as Settings, Keyboard, built-in apps, like Calendar, Reminders, Contacts, Messages, Maps and any 3rd party app that supports Dark Mode now have the option for a dark appearance. To enable Dark Mode Open Settings . Tap on Display & Brightness. Under Appearance , choose Dark . To set up a scheduled Dark Mode Open Settings . Tap on Display & Brightness . Under Appearance , enable Automatic . Tap on Options . You can select Sunset to Sunrise or a Custom Schedule by setting the desired time for Light Appearance and Dark Appearance . Dynamic wallpapers and Wallpaper Dimming Along with the Dark Mode,  Apple introduced dimming of wallpapers when Dark Mode is enabled. To enable wallpaper dimming: Open Settings . Tap on Wallpapers . Enable Dark Appearance Dims Wallpaper .  Dynamic wallpapers are wallpapers that change look depending on whether the current

iOS and iPadOS 13.1 - App Store Changes

This is the first of a series of videos about the iOS 13. Today we will talk about the changes in the App Store. Updates for your apps are now located in your Account section. While you are updating your apps,  you can tap and hold on an app that is updating to prioritize, pause or cancel the update. A new feature introduced in the App Store is the Apple Arcade. It’s a subscription service with hundreds of games that you can play online and off-line without any ads or in- app purchases. With this subscription up to 6 family members can play, and you can play on all of your Apple devices. Prices currently start to just €4.99 a month. Stay tuned for our next video about Dark Mode in iOS 13. Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for verifying the information as being appropriate for your personal use.

Douro River Ferry Ride

Boat ride view in Douro River, Porto, Portugal. Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for verifying the information as being appropriate for your personal use.

Driving in Barcelona Spain 2019

A long drive, exploring the city of Barcelona, Spain. The first part of videos.

Driving in Cyprus 2019 - Limassol & Pafos

Driving in Limassol and Pafos cities of Cyprus island in 2019. Places include the cities' tourist areas and Petra tou Romiou.

Hackintosh: Update macOS Mojave to 10.4.4

10.14.4 update is out for macOS Mojave, and it comes with lots of improvements, one of them being having more compatibility support for external GPUs. Here's how to update your Hackintosh without running into issues.

Schedule Windows 10 to automatically free up disk space

In a previous tutorial, we showed you how to free up disk space manually, through the Disk Cleanup utility and other means. With Storage Sense, you can set up Windows 10 to automatically clean up temporary files, old Windows versions, old update installer files, and the Recycle Bin with a schedule. Here's how to set it up.

Create an SSDT to fix USB (RehabMan's way)

This is how I made an SSDT for the motherboard of my Hackintosh. All credit goes to RehabMan and the community. Here's the original article with the process.

How to rebuild cache and repair permissions of kexts in a Hackintosh

After installing 3rd-party kexts in /Library/Extensions, or replacing vanilla kexts with patched kexts in System/Library/Extensions, you may want to repair their permissions and rebuild the kext cache to ensure they work as intented. Here's how.

EuroAirport (Basel, Mulhouse, Freiburg) - Landing, Duty Free area and History

Some history and footage of the EuroAirport that connects 3 countries. Flight taken with EasyJet from Porto, Portugal.

Choose which apps to load or prevent loading on login in macOS

If you want to speedup the startup process a bit of your macOS, you can prevent loading apps at login which you don't need. Here's how.

It's official, Google Plus is shutting down

I have just received an email today about Google+ shutting down on April 2, 2019. From February 4th, you will no longer be able to create new profiles, events, pages, of communities on Google Plus.

How to have Microsoft Outlook translate your Emails

If you have a lot of email correspondence that includes languages other than your native one, and you find yourself copying and pasting to Google Translate on your web browser, then this tip is for you. You will learn how to translate your emails with a click of a button, without leaving Outlook.

Laptop Hackintosh: How to keep your original Windows partition

This is Part 3 of my attempt to Hackintosh my AsusPro laptop. On this video, I show how I dual-boot on the laptop with macOS Mojave and Windows 10 on the same drive. And I got to keep the original partition of Windows 10, without the need to format.

How to set the BIOS settings of a laptop for Hackintoshing

This is the second video / instructions on how I hackintosh my AsusPro B9440UA laptop. On this article, I show you which settings I changed in the BIOS in order to boot successfully from the Clover bootable Installer thumb drive I made from the last video ( see instructions here ).

Make a bootable USB thumb drive with macOS Mojave for Laptops

This is the first of many series of posts and videos about my personal attempt of Hackintoshing my AsusPro B9440UA laptop with macOS Mojave. In this video I attempt to create a bootable USB stick with the latest RehabMan's version of Clover.

How to enable Dark Mode for Windows 10 and MS Office

Learn fast and easy how to turn on Dark Mode for all the Microsoft Office apps, and Windows 10. Take advantage of the 1809 update to File Explorer and turn your windows into a more relaxing view.

Hallstatt Austria drone views

Drone views with relaxing music of the city of Hallstatt in Austria and its waterfalls.

Porto in 2019 - Drone and Dashcam views

Driving and droning in Porto city during the holidays.