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Douro River in Porto

A walk and a train ride in Douro River, in Porto Portugal.

How to free up hard drive space in Windows 10

If you are running out of hard drive space, you might want to try these tips before deciding to upgrade to a bigger hard drive.

OneDrive not working or syncing - Solution

Sometimes a Windows Update can cause issues with OneDrive. It could be as small as not syncing automatically, to as something more serious as the whole OneDrive app is nowhere to be found, and looks as if it's been deleted from your computer. This is a very simple solution which is to reinstall the OneDrive sofware directly from the Microsoft Office website.

How to play Dominations on a Windows computer or a Mac

Get Dominations on your Windows machine or Mac for free, with an Android app player or emulator, called Bluestacks. Use this link to get the Dominations game and follow the instructions below. For this to work, you need to have a Google (gmail) account. You also need to have the Hyper-V feature disabled if on a Windows computer.

How to play The Sims FreePlay on a PC or Mac

You can play Android and iOS games such as The Sims Free Play on your desktop and laptop computers, whether Mac or PC for free.

How to permanently delete a Facebook account

Deactivating a Facebook account keeps your account and data still stored on the Facebook servers, should you wish to come back to it. All you have to do is login. In this article, you will learn how to permanently delete your Facebook account and all of its data. Since you can't undo this action, we will also show how to backup and download your Facebook data (photos, videos, timeline posts etc) before proceeding with the deletion. If you have changed your mind and need to cancel the process of the permanent removal of your account, you simply need to login to said account within 14 days after the request of deletion.

How to fix Screen Flickering (Intel Graphic Cards)

Sometimes screen flickering can be a cause of an outdated driver. It sometimes also starts when we enable Hyper-V. On occasion, some Windows updates might even revert back to an older driver, and that can cause the flickering as well. Before calling tech support for hardware diagnosis, let's try to update the driver manually to the latest version first and see if that resolves the issue.

How to get the Windows 10 product key from your computer

In this quick and easy tutorial, you will learn how to retrieve the product key of your Windows 10 that is currently preinstalled on your PC or laptop, by using a command in Command Prompt.

How to convert a video file to an audio file without software

This is the easiest way to convert an MP4 video file to an MP3 audio file without the need for extra software. This way if you have a video clip of your favorite music, you can easily convert it into a music file that can be transferred and listened to a music player or any audio device that supports MP3.

How to Enable USB Restricted Mode in iOS 11.4.1

The USB Restricted Mode in iOS 11.4.1 aims to prevent some USB devices from accessing your iPhone and its sensitive data through the Lightning port after the screen has been locked for an hour. Enabling this security feature is quite simple.

How to boot in Safe Mode in Windows 10

This quick tutorial shows you the easy steps into booting into Safe Mode.

Yes button grayed out in UAC prompt - Solution

If the UAC prompt window asks for administrator password when you try to install a software etc, and the Yes button is disabled, you might have lost administrative privileges on your user account. Here's how you can restore them.

How to install and update device drivers in Windows 10

In this tutorial, we explore various ways to install and update missing hardware drivers in Windows 10. These steps may also apply for older versions of Windows as well.

How to create a Windows 10 virtual machine in Hyper V Manager

In this quick and easy tutorial, you will learn how to create a virtual machine in Hyper V with Windows 10.

Porto Portugal Aerial View and Plane Landing

Flying with Turkish Airlines. Aerial views of Porto, Portugal and landing at Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport.

Plane Take off from Lahore Airport

Plane take off from Turkish Airlines, at Lahore's Allama Iqbal International Airport.

Aerial view of Porto and Douro river

Flying with Turkish Airlines, taking off from Porto, Portugal. Aerial views of Porto and Douro river.

Landing at Istanbul airport

Flying with Turkish Airlines, landing at Istanbul airport, Turkey.